Sponsor activity Andre Rieu

Fancy a career switch? Here's the chance! This summer, M.S.T.V. Stennis working as a Piccolo for Andre Rieu! These will be the wonderful concerts at the MECC! You earn 30 euros per concert with this. In addition, Stennis earns from it and you can attend a concert for free, the tickets of which cost at least 75 euros. It's quite an experience! For questions you can text Sanne (+31 6 13046073). We help on 10, 11, 16, 17 & 18 December! Sign up quickly at the activities sign-up page!

Training period 1

Hey everyone,
I hope everyone had a good rest during the holidays! With the start of the new academic year, the training sessions will start again.
Registrations for training period 1 will open coming Sunday, September 4th (in 6 days!) at 20:00 via mstvstennis.nl! The exact link to the registration form will follow by then on WhatsApp and Facebook (it will be this link). Training Period 1 will take place from week 38 to week 46 on Mondays and Tuesdays. That is, from Monday the 19th of September till Tuesday the 15th of November.  We will offer tennis lessons. Padel lessons* depend on the number of subscriptions. The costs will be around €16. First-year members get priority and as always FULL=FULL so be quick!
*padel lessons only before 19:00 or after 21:00

Introducing Candidate Board

Next year, the XXXIIIth board of M.S.T.V. Stennis wil lead the association. You have probably seen them walking around the park and in the city in their beautful KB shirts. We would like to introduce them to you. 
Click on 'Lees meer' to get to know them!

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Stennis during INKOM*!!

Are you starting your studies next year and do you want to get the most out of your student days? Do you like fun, sports and an association in which everyone has a close bond with each other? Don't hesitate any longer and become a member of MSTV Stennis! Join one of our many committees, play tennis, padel, come party and much more! Would you like to come and taste the cozy atmosphere of our association? Come and have a look at us during the INKOM*!

Click on read more to see where Stennis is during the INKOM*!!


Lees meer


Dear Members,
September is almost around the corner. So, the time for register this amazing expedition is ticking. As the deadline for subscribing is set on the 22nd of August 2022 at 23:59h. So, pack your bags as we are going to ‘De Hoeve Bokrijk’ on Genk from the 9th till 11th of September to visit our southern neighbours. (DO NOT VISIT THEIR SITE AS IT IS STILL HACKED!!!) So, shall we survive together on this expedition? 

Subscribe now on the page of the IntegraCie!

Lost of love, 
Operationteam membersweekend 2022
P.S. Wanna survive this expedition together ? 

Theme party June 30th

For the very last BP evening of the year we have of course planned something magical! We have deliberated for a long time; But what could be better than to relive all the beautiful moments since the big bang! So; The year went over, we say goodbye, for once more we are going back in time! Come dressed up in a certain era. As always, the best dressed committee will receive a very cool prize! So be there, be square at 10:30 PM on June 30th and have one last drink on this wonderful year!
The FeestCie

Inkom helpers

August 22 to 26 this year is the INKOM! In addition to moms and dads, we again need INKOM-helpers this year. During this week there will be several shifts where you can help set up stands, make sandwiches or just play tennis with the new members. This year we are organizing a great beer fest together with KOKO that also needs help! In short, a lot of fun!! Click on lees meer to subscribe!

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Club championships

Dear Stennissers,
As you might know, a tennisclub is nothing without its club championships! Don’t miss out on this epic event! This year, the club championships will take place between June 20-23 (Monday-Thursday). In addition to showing off on court in front of all your fellow Stennissers, there will be fun activities next to the court every single night. Grab your doubles partner or join by yourself and register! You can participate in both doubles and singles. Next to tennis, there will be the opportunity to play padel!  You can register via the link at the activities sign up page!
Xx, The WedCie

Fall competition

Although the spring competition is not yet over for every team, we hope that everyone has enjoyed it! If you've got a taste for it after the spring competition, the WedCie is happy to tell you that registrations for the fall competition are already open. It will take place on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays in September and October in 2022. The schedule of the match days can be found on the sign up page on this site. In addition to playing the competition with a super fun team, Stennis will also provide a wonderfully magical team uniform, in which you can shine at every tennis club in the area! Would you like to sign up as an individual or as a team, then quickly fill in the registration form! You can register until 10 June 23:59.

Stennis goes Valkenburg

Dear members,
On the 17th of May we will have our second unmixed evening! We will leave Maastricht to visit Valkenburg. We will travel together but in the city we will split up. The girls will have an amazing wine tasting (10 different wines!!) and the boys will have some fun in the casino. The activities will start at 20:30 so we have to be at the station around 19:50. FOR THE GIRLS: Sign up quickly because the deadline will be this Monday already!!
Sign-up at the activities sign-up page!

Stensation subscription!

Dear all,

May 12th is approaching which means you can prepare for the biggest party of Stennis: Stensation! Basilica is welcoming you on Thursday May 12th from 21:00-02:00 hours to party on the dancefloor with a DJ. Dress up in your best hippie/festival outfit in the theme: ‘Down The Stennis Hole’. Buy your tickets via the link below and be quick because sold out=sold out. Invite your friends from home or from Maastricht as well. Naturally they buy a ticket as well. Included in the ticket is a nice welcome drink and a guaranteed night of fun! We hope to see you there!

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Padel tournament May 18th

Apparently, you can't get enough of it and that's why the PadelCie has decided to organise a 3rd padel tournament this year (YEEEYY, TRIBUTE TO PADELCIE!!). This one will take place on Wednesday the 18th of May from 19:00-22:30 as usual. We assume that you have control over the Bandeja after 2 tournaments, so this time try to throw that Bajada de pared. Registration is possible at the Activities Sign Up page (log in first)!
Hasta entonces,
The PadelCie

Training period 4

Registrations for training period 4 will open today, SUNDAY, APRIL 10th at 20:00 via mstvstennis.nl! The exact link to the registration form will follow on WhatsApp and Facebook by then. The training sessions will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays in weeks 17 to 24, so from Monday April 25th to Tuesday June 14th. This time you can sign up for padel or tennis trainings. The costs will be around €15.75. As always, first come, first served and FULL=FULL!

Active Members Activity

Dear Stennissers,

Next week, on Tuesday the 12th of april, we have our active member activity. This will be totally free of charge, to say thank you to our active members. The activity will stay as a little surprise for now. So when you are active in a committee or workgroup, sign up !! It's still a surprise what we are going to do. After the announcement of the activity, you still get some time to sign out when you want.

You can subscripe on the activities sign-up page!

Frying Pan Toss

After the unprecedented success of last year's edition, the frying pan toss is making a comeback this year. Bring your best (or worst, it could break) frying pan to the toss on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20th, for a nice bang from 19:00 till 22:00. We will finish the toss with a game around the table where there will be FUN PRIZES TO BE WON!
The WedCie

Stennis Super Smash

Dear Stennisers,

It's almost time for Stennis Super Smash. On SUNDAY THE 3RD OF APRIL from 12:00-17:00 we will compete in pairs as Mario and Luigi. It's a day full of doubles, fun and hopefully lots of super smashes! You can register with DOUBLE PARTNER OR ALONE (we will find a partner for you). 
Click on 'lees meer' how to sign up. 

Lees meer

Padel tournament

Dear Stennissers,
After the unprecedented success of our great previous tournament, we are back! On Wednesday 6 April we will be playing padel again! From 19-22:30. So train that bandeja and chiquita and we'll see you then! This time with price. We will also play according to level this time.
Unfortunately, we have to inform you that there are a limited number of places available. This number was created completely randomly, but just happened to come out at 22. Sign up at the Activities Sign Up - page!
The PadelCie

Inviting Friends Weekend

Dear Stennisers,
Soon it will really be that time, on the 12th and 13th of March the “inviting friends weekend” will take place. During this weekend, each Stennis member may bring a maximum of 3 friends/nieces/nephews/brothers/sisters/parents from home.

Quickly click this link to learn more about the fun activities!

Rose action

It is almost Valentine’s day and that can only mean one thing: the rose action is back! This is your chance to declare your love to your beloved stennis members. Do you have a secret crush on someone and are too scared to tell it yourself, do you want to spoil someone who deserves it or do you really like roses yourself, it is all possible!
Read more to order a rose!

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Do you miss all our sweet sisters from Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Groningen so much? Don't worry, the GAME cup is coming again! 🤩 During the GAME cup we will compete between the sisters, with a super fun theme: “joining the GAME cup, not everyone is able to do it”, we hope you gather your best team and hope to see you soon. 

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Theme announcement Stensation

It may seem like a long way to go, but the Fees Committee is already very busy with organizing the biggest, most fun, most amazing open party from Stennis: Stensation! Thursday May 12th is the day of the party, so make sure you already put this in your agenda. But what is a party without a theme? Nothing! That is why the FeestCie will announce the theme of Stensation 2022 on Thursday January 20th. This will be a normal committee night with a small activity in the theme and the theme announcement itself. Make sure you are there! 

Lees meer


Due to a shortage in available spaces within our association it has been decided to not open our registrationform for our waitinglist in February. This means that from 22nd of August 2022 (during the INKOM) the form will open again. We hope to be able greet you then, but in the meantime we ask you to be patient. 
Kind Regard,
The 32nd board der M.S.T.V. Stennis

Padel tournament

Hey everyone,
Wednesday the 2nd of February is the perfect moment to try out padel! We will organise a small tournament. You don’t need a padel racket to participate. The advanced players are also invited, as we will allocate everyone by level. You have until thursday 27th of January to (de)register (at this link).
Kisses PadelCie 


In the weekend of 29-30 April you can show your athleticism and run a distance of 3-12 km and if you want, someone will accompany you by bike! The race starts in Nijmegen and ends in Enschede where we will sleep and party. And believe us, this is a party you won't want to miss out on!!

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Internal Winter Competition 2

Dear Stennissers and tennis enthusiasts,

After a pleasant and very successful first IWC (internal winter competition), IWC 2 will soon be waiting for us. To start the new year right, we will play tennis and padel on 3 Wednesday evenings: January 19, February 9 and February 23. 
Read more to sign-up!

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Firstyears activity 2

Dear firstyear,
On Tuesday January 11th it is time for the 2nd firstyears activity! In small groups you will play a board game made by us, where enough games are played to get to know each other while enjoying some beers (and shots).
Read more to subscribe!

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Oud en Opnieuw Cantus

It is almost there: 2022! 2021 wasn’t the year we were hoping for. We would have loved to invite you to open the year with a New Years drink in de BP but unfortunately that is not possible this year. To celebrate the new year with each other the FeestCie organizes the New Years cantus! On thursday January 6th we are going to sing all the classics and make sure we drink enough gold-yellow liquid.

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ABN-AMRO Tournement

Dear Tennis enthusiast,

The wait is over! Finally the ABN-AMRO World Tennis Tournament is upon us. On Thursday February the 10th we will go to Ahoy (Ahoyweg 10) together with around 500 other students from all over The Netherlands. We will spectate two matches. You don't want to miss this!

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(lustrum) Gala !!

Dear (former)Stennissers,
Sadly, due to the corona measures, we had to cancel the gala on the 20th of november. However, we will attempt to postpone the gala. Hopefully we’ll be able to organize the gala by then! The new date will be 4th of june 2022. More information regarding signing up etc will follow later on. We hope to organize an amazing party for you guys by then and that a lot of stennissers will sign up (again)!
Love, Isis, Josephine and the board

Activity 1 *Corona Version*

Dear members,

We organise a delicious tapas/snack evening with a challenge and a quiz! Go and challenge the other groups and be the winner of the evening. The evening will start at 18.30 and go dressed in your best Spanish outfit. 
Don’t miss this evening ! 
If you would like to participate please register go to the sign-up page. 
The activity will still take place on the 2nd of December !!


(If you already signed up with the previous Forms, please sign up again :))

XX AcCie

Christmas Dinner


The Christmas dinner is back! It has been two years since we were able to enjoy a lovely christmas meal in the cozy December month with each other. Therefore the FeestCie is delighted to inform you that the Christmas dinner is back on Thursday December 9th! Read more and subscribe in the activities sign-up! 


Lees meer

Spring competition

Although the fall competition is not yet over for every team, we hope that everyone has enjoyed it. Did you get the hang of it after the autumn competition or did you not like the weather yet, then we as the WedCie are happy to tell you that registrations for the spring competition are already open. It will take place on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays in April, May and June 2022. The schedule with the match days can be found below. In addition to playing the competition with a super fun team, Stennis will also provide a wonderfully magical team uniform, in which you can shine at every tennis club in the area! Would you like to sign up for this as an individual or as a team, then quickly fill in the registration form at the Activities sign up page! You can register until Monday 13 December 23:59.

Lees meer

Trainings period 2🎾

You can sign up for the second trainings period on Sunday the 31st of October (7 days from today) at 20.00h. These trainings will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in weeks 46, 47, 48, 49, and week 1, 2 and 3 of 2022, so from Monday the 15th of November until Tuesday the 18th of January. Click "Lees meer" for more information and how to subscribe!

Lees meer

11e van de 11e!!!!

Alaaaf dear Stennis people🎉
Come and party on 11/11 with the Excie and our external friends. From a Platielstraat pub crawl to the BP! The exact starting time will follow soon. More info? Click "Lees meer"!

Lees meer

Internal Winter Competition

Dear Stennissers and tennis lovers,
The first IWC of 2021 is on the schedule. Don’t hesitate and subscribe to give your tennis and padel skills a boost and meet your Stennis buddies again. As of this moment the subscriptions for the first IWC (Internal Winter Competition) are open! We are going to play tennis and padel on three Wednesdays: the 27th of October, the 3rd of November and the 17th of November. During the IWC you will be assigned to a group A, B or C based on your rating. Every group consists of 4 teams, each Wednesday you play against another team. Everyone will play tennis on two Wednesdays and padel on one Wednesday. The subscriptions will close on Thursday October 21st and participation in the IWC is free! 
Disclaimer: There will be a maximum of 72 people that can participate in the first IWC, the other people will be placed on a reserve list!

Log in and sign up at the Activities Sign Up page!

Instruction manual site & booking a court

Are you new with Stennis and would you like to subscribe for activities or training? Are you curious about how the logged in part of the site looks? Would you like to book a court (with lights)? Learn how to do so in this article!

Lees meer

BarCie dinner October 13th

Still enjoying the OT-week and introperiod? This week is already time for the first toss! Before the toss we have a meal in the team of the americans. Sloppy Joe with some fries and a salade. Come to eat and catch up and if you want you can smash some balls afterwards. See you there!

Sign up at the Activities Sign-Up page!

Training period 1

The trainings will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays in weeks 37, 38, 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44, so from Monday the 13th of September until Tuesday the 2nd of November. The costs will be around €15,75. It is possible to sign up for tennis OR padel trainings. Padel trainings will only be offered before 19:00 or after 21:00! First year members will get priority and as always FULL=FULL, so be quick!

The subscription period has ended and the 'wedstrijdcommissie' is working hard on making the training groups. Everybody who has subscribed will be informed via mail and will be added in a special WhatsApp group.

Unfortunately, not all new members were able to log into the site. As of October, this should be possible. Be aware that you have to log in to sign up for all activities in the new Stennis-year (which starts October 12th). If you can't log in by then, just send us or our secretary an email (secretaris@mstvstennis.nl).


Every year Stennis organizes an introduction period in which potential members get to know both the association and the Stennis members well in a short period of time. Moreover, you immediately get a nice bond with the other first-year members. The introduction period is spread over 3 weeks (22 Sept – 07 Oct). The IntroCie has a number of fun activities in store for you, including a theme party, cantus and BBQ!

Do you like fun, sports, an association in which everyone has a close bond with each other? Then participating in the Stennis intro period is highly recommended! You do not have to be a member of Stennis to participate in the intro period. During the intro period you can find out at your leisure whether Stennis suits you. So it is not an increment.

You can register for the intro period during the INKOM, during the introductory drinks and open toss, or by means of the registration form. Participation in the introduction period is entirely without obligation.

Update: The subsciption for the introduction period has been closed. If you have any questions, send an email to introcie@mstvstennis.nl 

We hope to see you during our introduction period!
Below you will find some more information about the activities


Lees meer

Stennis Open 2021: Back to Stennis High!

Hello! We are happy to announce that the registrations for Stennis Open 2021 are open!
From September 27 to October 3, we hope to provide you with an unforgettable week full of legendary competitions, fun activities and an atmosphere from the good old days thanks to the theme: Back 2 Stennis High! This year we're going big: not only is there an extra category in which you can play (2 to 9), but you can also show your best side on the padel court!

Sign up now via https://mijnknltb.toernooi.nl/tournament/792DE990-47A1-4A78-BFD1-ED432B285E9F !

We are really looking forward to it :)
Open Tournament Committee 2021


Are you starting your study next year and do you want to get the most out of your student days? Do you like fun, sports and an association in which everyone has a close bond with each other? Do not hesitate any longer and become a member of MSTV Stennis!💙💛

Join the largest student tennis association in Limburg and with 300 members also the second largest student sports association in Maastricht. Within this close association you quickly create new friendships, you can be yourself and above all you have an incredibly fun student time! Do you want to complete your student days? Register now!!

*DISCLAIMER – Maastricht introduction week, the INKOM, is organised by Workgroup INKOM in the name of Maastricht University and Zuyd Hogeschool (www.inkom.nl). Workgroup INKOM is responsible for the whole INKOM program. Workgroup INKOM and M.S.T.V. Stennis are cooperating to make this week a success.

Toss borrel June 30th

Next Wednesday, the 30th of June from 7.30-11.30 the very last toss of this academic year willt take place🥺 Therefore we have decided to make it a toss drink🥳! This means that everyone is welcome for a game of beerpong, 30 seconds, 'regenwormen' etc. and of course to play some tennis or padel! Perhaps there will be SHOTS or a free cask of beer??🍻 Are you there?!! Then make sure you can show a negative test result or a vaccination certificate on the Corona Check App.✅

Also don't forget to sign up for dinner at the activities sign up page!!!

Committee head information

As you know, we as a board have been looking for new committee heads and a new board for a while now. These are essential for the survival of the association! A committee head does not require much extra time and you also help the association with it, besides that you learn a lot. Next Wednesday at 8, at the toss, there will be an explanation of how to be a head of committee. Do you still have some doubts or questions or are you curious? Then be sure to come to the toss!


On Friday 11 of June, we will throw a big party including a silent disco, wheel of fortune and a recorded mixtape (provided by DJ Zeuss!) You MUST be there, right? 😱💃🏼❤️ So follow the link to the website to sign in, this is possible until the 9th of June! See you next week! 🥰
Cheers, de feestcie 🥂

Mini game toss June 16th

After a stunner of a frying pan toss, the WedCie has something else wonderful in store... A mini game toss! Here you will not just play tennis, but for example by bouncing around on a skippy ball and much more! It promises to be a great party where the bar is already open!!!
The mini game toss is on June 16 from approx. 19:30 - 21:30. You can register via this link until Sunday, June 13 23:59. See you then!!!
Kisses, the WedCie!

Club championships bar shifts

Dear all!!!
As the club championships can can continue this year (heuijjj), we are looking for people who would like to help out with some bar shifts. The club championships will take place from 19-24 June.
You can let us know your availability by following this link! All help is welcome and we are super grateful to you!
XXX the Wedcie

Fall Competition Tennis AND Padel

Unfortunately in the spring of 2021 the KNLTB competition has been cancelled due to corona... But you can now take your chance to sign up for the fall competition of 2021. You will play matches during the weekends and represent Stennis during the fall of 2021. Interested? Then read on quickly.

Lees meer

Padel tournament

Dear Stennis members,
Wednesday the 9th of June from approximately 7 till 10 is the perfect moment to try out padel! We will organize a nice tournament. Uou don’t need a padel racket to participate. The advanced players are also invited, as we will allocate everyone by level. Sign up via this link: Activities sign up. FULL = FULL!
Kisses, the Padelcie

*Do not join in case you are suffering from corona symptoms or in case a housemate is suffering from fever or stuffiness

Stennis Super Smash

It's time for the next... 🎾STENNIS SUPER SMASH🎾! The next tournament is coming up soon and will take place on Sunday 13 June 2021! The idea of the tournament is that from 12:00 – 16:30 we will play tennis and padel matches with a regular doubles partner that the WedCie will pick out for everyone! This will be done by adding up your rating! Also, the tournament is completely free!

You can subscribe at the activities sign up page

Registration will close on: Sunday 6 June 23:59
See you then!

Themeparty 2: All around the world

Dear Stennissers,

Have you always wanted to travel around the world? This is the perfect opportunity! On Thursday the 27th of May at 20:00, the Party committee organizes a theme party ‘All Around The World’ in which we will play games with regard to different countries. Complete all exercises and become a real world-master! You don’t want to miss this, right? Subscribe quickly on the sign-up page on the Stennis website. Signing in (and out) is possible until Sunday the 23th of May. If you want to sign out, please send an app to Maury. We hope to see you all there!

Cheers, the party committee

Stennis Cantus

Do you already have itches to DRINK a lot? Wednesday May 12th is your chance! It is time for the Stennis Cantus!!!!! The day after is Ascension Day, so we can enjoy a good night's sleep. We will divide the committees into groups. Register now on via the site (also possible if you are not in a committee)! Registration and deregistration is possible until 9 May.

Presidium is ready, but are you?

Love, AcCie   


Ladder-competition registrations are open again!!!

It is possible to participate in the laddercompetition  again!!! The registrations are open till Sunday the 9th of May. You can sign up via the following link: Laddercompetition The option to sign up for the padel laddercompetiton also exists, which you can do via the same link!

Lees meer

Frying pan toss

Dear members,

Due to Corona, all days and weeks seem to be the same… In our committee we are ready for a bit of a change and craziness! So, we thought of something a bit different! Grab your favourite frying pan out of your cupboard and come to tennis park the Geusselt for the FRYING PAN TOSS! It's exactly as strange as you think it is: playing tennis with a frying pan instead of a racket! The frying pan toss will be held on 5th of May from 19.00 till 23.00. it is possible to indicate your preference for the time slot from19.00 till 21.00 or for the time slot from 21.00 till 23.00. Registering for this night can be done as a usual toss, using this link!

Make sure you sign up before May the 2nd 23.59. FULL=FULL

Training period 4


The subscriptions for the fourth trainingsperiod will open on Sunday the 18th of April at 20.00h! These trainings will take place on Mondays in week 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25 and 26 and Tuesdays in weeks 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 25. You can subscribe via the activities sign up page at our website! The costs will be around €14,20. It is possible to sign up for tennis OR padel trainings. Make sure you sign up as fast as possible because otherwise it is full 🤪


Dear Stennissers,

To thank our active members, we have thought of something nice for you!! Tuesday April 20 is the Active Members Activity. Hereby we get a fully arranged, online COCKTAIL WORKSHOP from Mr. Smith, after which we will do a Stennis Quiz. Have you heard the best? It's toooootally free! You can't let that go, can you? Arrange for you and your favorite Stennisser to sit down together and register now via sign-up page.

For questions send a message to Romy. Also send an app if you don't know who to sit with! Then we will arrange something 😊

Love, AcCie

Padel tournament

Dear Stennis members,
Wednesday the 14th of April from approximately 5 till 9.30 is the perfect moment to try out padel! We will organize a nice tournament. You don’t need a padel racket to participate. The advanced players are also invited, as we will allocate everyone by level. Sign up via the Activities sign up page. FULL = FULL
Kisses, the Padelcie

*Do not join in case you are suffering from corona symptoms or in case a housemate is suffering from fever or stuffiness

Stennis Super Smash

Stennis presents.... STENNIS SUPER SMASH: the long awaited tournament on a sunday! This tournament will take place on sunday 11 april 2021! The idea of the tournament is that from 13:00 - 17:00 we will play padel and tennis tennis matches with a regular doubles partner that the WedCie will pick out for everyone! Register quickly as an individual at the Activities sign up page. Because of Corona we have a maximum amount of participants. Registration closes 23.59h on April 3rd. The tournament is free! 😎🤩
*Attention: May be cancelled because of corona

The Big OT show / THEME UNVEIL!

We have been dealing with corona for so long now, and we’ve all been craving some perspective during these difficult times. Fortunately, we have something to look forward to, far in the distance, that dot on the horizon: Stennis open 2021! To give you a taste of what is (hopefully) to come that week, we’ve got something fun planned for you on Thursday April 1 at 8.30 pm!

Lees meer


From Friday 23 until Sunday 25 April the Batavierenrace is taking place! The worlds biggest relay run!!! This year the bata will be an online event, just like last year. How does this work? Every person in the team runs his assigned distance individually and tracks this with a running app. With a team of 25 runners, we will run the distance from Nijmegen to Enschede online! Would you be interested in joining our team and run for Stennis (3-12 km), you can sign up for real now! ATTENTION: it's possible to ask someone to ride along on a bike.
When: 23-25 April
Where: your own favourite running spot
Costs: €2 maximum


Did you sign up for the online GAME Cup that's taking place 16-17 April?! During this online exchange with our sister assoiciations from Groningen, Amsterdam and Eindhoven we can do what we do best: mingle! You can sign up with a group of four, if the corona restrictions allow it around that time. Sign up before April 2nd at the Activities Sign Up page!
Lees meer

Unmixed Evening

Onmixed evening

From Tuesday, March 9, the men and women will compete!!!!!! Who is the stronger sex? From Tuesday 9 March we will announce 5 (corona proof) assignments every morning for a week. For each completed assignment, the men or the women will receive one point! You can carry out assignments alone or in pairs!! Who will complete more assignments? The men or the women (EXCITING)? We will announce this via a zoom meeting on Tuesday evening March 16!

So keep an eye on Facebook, the site and whatsapp!

Love, AcCie

Second Activity: CODENAMES

Dear Stennisers,

The next activity is upcoming!!! The AcCie is organizing a games night on Thursday 4 March at 9:00 PM. We are going to play codenames, with a drink of course!! If you don't know this game, don't worry, we will provide the explanation. We are dependent on the current measurements, so whether it is online or in groups you will hear later. But make sure you register via the sign-up page!!!!

Love, AcCie


You’d almost forget, but in less then a week it’s carnaval time 🎉🎉 Unfortunately, we can’t celebrate like we’re used to and now we even have to be alone in our student rooms from 9:00 pm. To fight the loneliness and boredom, the Excie is hosting a spontaneous carnaval-banger-music-bingo!!! Yaaayy!
Install yourself behind your laptop on Wednesday, February 17th, wearing your carnaval outfit and a beer in your hand. We will make sure there’s entertainment💃🏻🕺🏻
Signing up can be done from tomorrow onwards via the activities sign up page, do this before Tuesday, February 16th and we will send you a carnaval-banger-music-bingo card and a Zoom link.
Carnaval kisses,

Padel competition

During the padel competition you and your team will try to become champion of the pool during five match days in June and July. A pool usually consists of six teams. One team meets each opponent once. You play a number of times at home at your own club and a number of times you visit another club. The team that has won the most matches after the six match days is the champion! Since padel is quite a new sport, it is quite normal that you may not have much experience yet. This is no problem at all if you want to join the competition. Padel is fun for everyone!
Subsciption deadline: March 12th


Dear Stennissers,

This year the party committee has organized a valentinesdiner! 😍 This will be provided by restaurant Harvey on the 23rd of February. You can sign up with another person, or individually (and we will assign you to someone else). It will costs €30 euros, it includes a three courses diner and a bottle of wine per person (!!!!). If you want to sign in, please go to the stennis website and fill in the Google form! This is available until Sunday the 14th of February. WARNING: do you want to sign out? Please do this before 16 February (otherwise the costs will be yours) by sending a message to Maury.


Hope to see you there, the party committee 💃🏼❤️ 

Skitrip 2021 CANCELLED!!

Dear Stennissers and snowlovers,

Unfortunately, we are forced to officially cancel the skitrip with Stennis fort his season of 2021. We hope that we will be able to organize it next year and to make it extra fun wit hall of you!

XXX The skitrip-committee

Roses giveaway

Dear Stennissers! 

Valentine’s Day is almost there; the perfect time to surprise your (secret) lover or bestfriend with a beautiful rose. On Tuesday the 23th of February, we will play for cupido’s and deliver beautiful roses in Maastricht. This is at the same evening as the Valentines diner, so the perfect time to shine! Do you want to give a rose to someone else? Please fill in the Google form  on the Feestcie page before 12 February!! 

Cheers, the party committee ❤️


Training period 3

You can sign up for the third trainingsperiod on sunday the 24th of January at 20.00h. These trainings will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays in weeks 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. You can subscribe via mstvstennis.nl for which the exact link will be shared later on Facebook and WhatsApp! The costs will be around €14,20. It is possible to sign up for tennis OR padel trainings. Please note that when you subscribe for the tennis training, one tennis training will be exchanged for a padel training, so that everyone will be introduced to this sport.
It’s also possible to sign up for Friday evening. On this evening a new concept will be introduced: ‘supervised tennis’!!! Due to the high demand for the tennis trainings, the most experienced Stennis members are willing to supervise the ones who unfortunately did not manage to get a spot for the regular training. But just like the regular training, you will be assigned to a group of people with your own level and the Stennis members will give you tips and tricks to improve your tennis skills even more! This supervised tennis also takes place in weeks 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Make sure you sign up quickly, because full = full! The costs for supervised tennis will be approximately €9.00.

Internal Winter Competition

Edit 4 feb 2021: IWC cancelled!
Due to the current measurements concerning the corona virus, it is unfortunately not possible to organize the IWC.

As of this moment the subscriptions for the IWC (Internal Winter Competition) are open! We are going to play tennis on three Wednesdays:, the 10th of February, the 24th of February and the 3rd of March. During the IWC you will be assigned to a group A, B or C based on your rating. Every group consists of 4 teams, each Wednesday you play against another team. Log in and subscribe via the activities sign up or the WedCie page. The subscriptions will close on Friday February 5th and participation in the IWC is free! FULL = FULL, so subscribe as soon as possible!

New regulations COVID-19

As of December 15th, until at least January 19th, the following new (additional) Corona measures regarding tennis and padel will be in place:
- Tennis and padel can still be played, but with a maximum of two people on a court (no doubles). Till January 19  only singles are allowed.
- For training sessions there is a maximum of 2 adults on a court (excl. trainer); training groups of 4 adults are allowed, where these are clearly separated into groups of 2 players per court (with 1.5 meters distance) and the groups are not mixed.
- Organized tennis activities, such as matches, are still not allowed
-The canteen, changing rooms and showers are closed.

Tennispark de Geusselt closes in case of snow or frost

If there is snow or it's freezing we can't play tennis or padel on the courts. Park management decides from what moment it is harmful for the courts. When it is decided that tennis or padelling is no longer possible, this will be visible by means of a message in the ClubApp. Reservations that have already been made in this period will be removed. The park will be also locked, so no one can enter anymore. So before you go, check if your reservation is still in the ClubApp, so you won't come to the park for nothing!

Subscribe for activities

As of today, subscription for activities will only be possible via this site. So log in (find instructions here) and go to the page Activities_signup, which you can find in the English menu and sign up! You can also find the subscription forms at the home page and at the page of the organising committee, these pages are in Dutch.

Sponsor activity Foodbank

Last Saturday, some of Stennisers worked hard to collect food for the Foodbank. In shifts of 4 hours they manned two locations of the Aldi in the surroundings of Maastricht to collect food. After many tins of soup, packs of spaghetti and many generous people, no less than 32,375 products were collected for the Foodbank during this fundraiser action, together with many other volunteers! We can be proud that we have done our part in this bizarre time! Thank you very much to all the volunteers and hopefully many people have been helped! Have faith!
Take a look at the aftermovie for an impression of the fundraising action!
The SponsCie ’20-‘21

ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament

Our members are invited by our friends in Rotterdam to come to the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. On February 11th we can watch the real stars on the tennis court in Ahoy, for €35,- per ticket. Due to Covid-19, the organisation has to know with how many we want to come, so let us know if you want to join asap by sending an email to excie@mstvstennis.nl . You can register (or deregister) until the 12th of December.

How to log in

From 01-01-2020 the site will be used more actively by our committees for promotion en registration for activities, to keep you updated on the last Stennis news, for all our beautiful pictures and so on.
Just like a real treasury, the webstite consists of a locked part that is only available for members. To make sure you get everything out of your Stennis membership, make an account via the following steps beneath!
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30th aniversary M.S.T.V. Stennis!

On this joyful day, Stennis can congratulate itself on existing 30 years. Although the current situation doesn’t allow for a huge celebration, we won’t let this day pass without remark. We made a small birthday video to celebrate all the good times Stennis has brought (birthday video). We hope to celebrate it next year in person on the postponed gala on the 19th of June. Raise your glass tonight on our beautiful association tonight.

Trainings period 2

The subscriptions for the second trainingsperiod will open on sunday the 1st of November at 20.00h! These trainings will take place on Mondays or Tuesdays in weeks 47, 48, 49 and 50 of 2020 and weeks 1, 2 and 3 of 2021. You can subscribe by filling out a Google Form for which the link will be shared later on Facebook and WhatsApp! The costs will be around €14,20. It is possible to sign up for tennis OR padel trainings. Make sure you sign up as fast as possible because otherwise it is full!

Cards for new card system

As you know, tennis park de Geusselt is switching to a new cardsystem. This switch takes places october 28th. This means that every member gets a new card.
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New regulations

As a result of the new Corona measures, these are the most important measures when it comes to tennis. These points are valid at least until November 15th.
- the tennis training continues! However, the training group will be split into two groups of 4 divided over 2 courts. These groups will not be mixed.
- Free tennis (also double) is allowed provided that 1,5m is held.
- The autumn competition has been cancelled.
- The toss and ladder competition is not allowed to take place.

Reserve courts online!

Due to new regulations, courts should be reserved beforehand if you want to play with your Stennis friends in your free time. To reserve a court digitally, you must first log in to the Ready Maastricht website, this also applies to Stennis members! As a Stennis member you can create a login on the website of Ready Maastricht. You can do this as follow:

At the top of the website you can choose 'Log In'. You can log in with your email address or with your KNLTB member number.
• By pressing the button "Forgot your password?" a temporary password will be sent to your email address.
• If you then enter it on the Ready Maastricht website again, you will be given the opportunity to create a new password.
• Once you have done that, you are logged in and you can reserve a court on the reservationboard via the 'Online Reserveren' button. You can also watch the video:                                                                  https://www.mijnallunited.nl/userfiles//nieuws/317_webreserveren.gif 
• You book for you and your tennis / padel buddy, you can search for them in the empty field, so they don't have to make a reservation for themselves.
• You can also digitally reserve a court via the AllUnited ClubApp. By downloading the ClubApp from AllUnited you can log in with the account that you use on the website. This way you can reserve courts as well.

For the time being, digital reservations for a tennis or padel court is only possible once a day and maximum twice a week. You can reserve it up to 3 days in advance. This way, we would like to give as many Ready and Stennis members as possible the opportunity to play tennis or padel. 

On Wednesday afternoon between 1 pm and 6 pm and Saturday morning between 9 am and 12, all courts are reserved for lessons and free tennis for young people. They do not have to reserve a court in advance because the supervisor distributes the courts. The kids up to 13 years play in their own cage, the youth between 13 and 18 play in their own cage and the third cage is for lessons.

New Stennis board

Since Tuesday 6th of October we have a new Stennis board! We wish the XXXIst board of M.S.T.V Stennis 'Board Verbruggen' lot's of fun and good luck with their board year.

Internal winter competition

On three Wednesdays (14-10, 28-10 and 04-11) the internal winter competition (IWC) will take place again! The registration deadline is October 8th. You can register by sending an email to wedcie@mstvstennis.nl. So sign up and play tennis and get the opportunity to get to know a lot of new Stennissers. Participation is free of charge!

Studentenbereiken Stennis Open 2020!

Studentenbereiken Stennis Open 2020 was a great succes. We would like to thank to OT-Cie for organizing this tournament from category 2 (expert) till 8 (beginner). 


Introduction Week Stennis

Get to know Stennis and participate in the Introduction Period!
During this introduction period, various fun activities and parties will be organized, giving you a good idea of what M.S.T.V. Stennis is next to playing tennis and padel! In addition to the fun activities, it is of course also a fun way to get to know other people who will be more often on the tennis courts and in the pub!

Introduction Schedule 

(Due to the current circumstances it may be possible that certain activities will be altered)

Date Activity
Friday 18th of September Online Beer Tasting & Pub Quiz
Saturday 19th of September Online activity 
Tuesday 22th of September Online bingo by candidate board
Wensday 30th of September Tennis and Padel tournament & Committee Presentations
Thursday 1st of Oktober To be announced

Subscribe for or more information about the introduction period, send a mail to: Introcie@mstvstennis.nl

Discovering Stennis!

Do you want to get to know Stennis a bit better? From now on guests are allowed at the tennis park! Together with a Stennis member you can discover your tennis or padel talents. Even for the more experienced players this is an chance to discover your oppurtunities of playing tennis within the association or to learn more about the association itself. If you are interested, you can send a message to Veerle (+316 38579122) for more information!

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Meet Stennis during the INKOM!

Stennis organizes both physical and digital activities during the INKOM! Tuesday up until Friday you can play tennis and/or padel with us between 10:00-11:00 or 11:30-12:30 @ Tennispark de Geusselt! On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday you can socialize and play games with Stennis memebers to get to know your fellow INKOM members and Stennis better! The digital events will take place from 14:00-15:30 and from 16:00-17:30 via Zoom. Don't forget to sign up for our activities on the INKOM platform!

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Ladder competition

From now on the subscriptions for the ladder-competition are opened. To stay active at a safe distance, we decided to introduce the ladder competition again. In this competition 3 poules will be made, A, B and C, and only singles will be played. It is the intention that you meet up with your opponent every week by yourself, and pass along the result of the game to the competition committee (Facebook group will be announced before the start of the competition to pass along the scores). The rules of this competition will be announced a.s.a.p., but the subscriptions are already open! You can subscribe until Saturday the 30th of may by sending an email to wedcie@mstvstennis.nl, also mention your rating.
Please note that also during the ladder competition the corona rules apply. So keep 1,5 m. distance, make a reservation for a court, and don’t stay at the club after the game.