---------ABOUT US---------

M.S.T.V. Stennis is Limburg’s biggest student tennis association! The association was founded in 1990 in the most beautiful city Maastricht. With its current amount of over 250 enthusiastic national and international members, it is the second largest student sports association in Maastricht. By organizing several different (tennis) activities, Stennis can be seen as the perfect combination between tennis and fun.


M.S.T.V Stennis shares 9 smashcourt courts with tennis association M.L.T.C. Ready, which are located at tennispark ‘De Geusselt’. The park also has 2 padel courts, 2 practice walls, a canteen and changing rooms. The tenniscourts are available whole year round.


 During the year we offer 4 training periods of each 7 weeks. The trainings will take place on Monday and Tuesdays at tennispark de Geusselt and will be given by our regular trainer. They start from 17:00 onwards.


 Almost every Wednesday night we have a toss-evening for all our members from 19:00 onwards. On these nights mostly doubles are played, where we pair you up in random couples. We usually then swap after 30 minutes, which gives you the opportunity to play with and against different members.


 Some Wednesday nights also a toss-drink will be organized, instead of a regular toss. You can still play tennis like a regular toss evening, but there also will be beerpongtables and snacks. This event is there so that you integrate even more with each other and have the opportunity to have a nice drink together!


  ·    Clubchampionships

  This is a tournament that is exclusive for only the members of M.S.T.V Stennis, where we find out who is the best player of the association. During this week not only tennis matches will be played, but also a lot of activities will be organized.

 ·  Stennis Open

 France has Roland Garros, England has Wimbeldon, Australia has the Australian Open and the USA has the US open, but we have thé Stennis open! This is one of the bigger tennis tournaments of Maastricht, with a lot of fun activities. Every year the tournament has a different theme.

 ·      External tournaments

 Every year we visit with a big group of M.S.T.V Stennis members different summer tournaments of our sister associations Fellenoord (Eindhoven), Veracket (Groningen) en Chip & Charge (Amsterdam). These tournaments are one of the nicest things you can experience as a member. At every tournament, besides the tennis matches you can play, lots of fun activities are organized and you get to know many new people.


 ·    Spring competition

 Every spring M.S.T.V. Stennis participates with a large number of teams in one of the largest competitions in the world, organized by the KNLTB. Members can register for both Saturday and Sunday, and the competition will last 7 weeks. For more information about this competition and the exact dates, visit the KNLTB website.

·      Fall-competition

Every autumn, M.S.T.V. Stennis also participated in the fall competition. Of course there is a fight in every group for the championship, but this competition is above all very enjoyable. In the fall we register teams on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More information about this competition and the exact dates can be found on the website of the KNLTB.

 ·       IWC
Once a year we organize an internal winter competition. This competition lasts 3 Wednesday evenings, after which a winner is named from each group. In between the matches is everyone enjoying a drink in our clubhouse at De Geusselt tennis park.


---------------------Activities & Parties--------------------

 ·       Internal Activities

Next to the tennis activities, M.S.T.V. Stennis organizes lots of other non-tennis related activities. Throughout the year, for example, a boy-girl unmixed activity, beer cantus, 2 internal activities and an active member activity will take place. Next to that, lots of weekends are organized which a Stennis member can join; activity weekend, members weekend and lustrum weekend.

 ·      Internal Party’s

Throughout the whole year, we will have a drink on Thursday evening in our own bar, café De BoschPoort. Next to that, the Party Committee organizes several theme parties, a classy Christmas diner and a new-years drink. In addition, there will be organized some big parties outside our bar. The Party Committee will for example organize the amazing ‘Stensation’, and every year there is a big party during the INKOM.

 ·      External Activities (with sister associations)

Stennis has three sister associations which we visit on a regularly base, just like the come to Maastricht so now and then; Fellenoord from Eindhoven, Chip & Charge from Amsterdam and Veracket from Groningen. We do travel a lot within the Netherlands to not miss out on any external fun! We as Stennis members attend many Open Tournaments, open parties, constitution drinks and many other activities.

Almost every student tennis association organizes their own open tournament during the year, which means we visits lots of cities and play many tennis games. However, such an open tournament has many more to offer of course than just tennis; parties, cantusses and activities should not be forgotten! For example, Groningen and Amsterdam organize a Winter Open Tournament (WOT), Nijmegen has the Slow External Tournament (SET), Tilburg has the Lacoste Open Tournament (LUST) and every year the Dutch Student Championships take place (NSK – Nederlandse Studenten Kampioenschappen). Stennis loves to be everywhere! The Committee for External Relations would love to bring you all the way through the Netherlands. Come and join us!


----General info membership----

 Thank you for wanting to become a member of M.S.T.V. Stennis.

 Which memberships do we have for you?

 - Full membership

I want to become a full member, until cancellation, in compliance with a cancellation period of at least one month before the end of the academic year (1 September). The contribution of Stennis for full members is € 78 per year.

 -1st half-year membership

 I would like to become a member for half a year, from September to January. I can prove that I have a good reason to become a member for only six months (relocation, end of study, etc). The contribution for the half-yearly membership from September to January is € 49.50 for this year.

 -2nd half-year membership

 I would like to become a member for half a year, from February to September. I can prove that I have good reason to become a member for only this six months (relocation, end of study, etc). The contribution for the half-yearly membership from February to September is €50 for this year.

-Supportive membership

I would like to become a supporting member. The costs of a supporting membership are € 20 for this year. A supporting member CANNOT use the tennis courts and can only register for non-tennis related activities. He or she is not allowed to vote at the General Members Meetings.


To complete your registration you must complete the following steps:

 1. Register via the registration form on the website. This form can be found under the heading "become a member".

 2. Indicate whether you want to become an ‘active member' or 'supporting member'. A supporting member CANNOT use the tennis courts and can only register for non-tennis related activities. He or she is not allowed to vote at the General Members Meetings.

3. Purchase a full 12-month "Sign-Up + Sports" membership in UM Sport. You can purchase this at the information desk in the UM Sports Centre or via the website.  If you want to have a six-month membership, please indicate this in the comments below the registration form!

4. You will receive a message from the secretary when your registration has been successfully processed and when you can get your KNLTB pass.

If you have any questions about the registration procedure, you can contact our secretary at any time via



 M.S.T.V. Stennis values privacy and thinks it is of great importance to protect your personal data.  In this Privacy policy we want to provide clear and transparent information about how we handle personal data. We do everything to ensure your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care.

 M.S.T.V. Stennis adheres to the applicable laws and regulations in all cases, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This means, we will in any case process your personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was provided. These purposes and type of personal data are described in this Privacy policy https://gdpr-info.eu/

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