Augustus 2022
Zaterdag 13 augustus

Chip & Charge Open

t/m 21-08-2022
Maandag 22 augustus


t/m 26-08-2022

INKOM: Hamburger night (Dinner of Choice)

For all INKOM participants: Join us at 'Tennispark De Geusselt' for delicious hamburgers! Check our newsfeed/homepage for more information about how to subscribe.


INKOM: Open Party

Join Stennis and our friends from Dutch Mountains at 'Basilica' (Vrijthof) for an amazing party to start of your week in Maastricht!

Dinsdag 23 augustus

INKOM: Sports Event

If you have any questions for us, if you are curious about who we are, if you just feel like coming by and having a chat... Come and check out our stand at the sports event at 'De Griend'.

Vrijdag 26 augustus

INKOM: Beerfest and Silent Disco (Activity of Choice)

Together with our friends from KoKo, we will organize a Beerfest and Silent Disco! Join us at 'SV KoKo' for some beers and fun on the last day of INKOM!

Zondag 28 augustus

Veracket Open

t/m 04-09-2022
September 2022
Woensdag 7 september

Inlooptoss 1

Donderdag 8 september

Kennismakingsborrel 1

Vrijdag 9 september


t/m 11-09-2022
Woensdag 14 september

Inlooptoss 2

Donderdag 15 september

Kennismakingsborrel 2

Woensdag 21 september

Introperiode start

Zaterdag 24 september

Stennis Open

t/m 02-10-2022
Oktober 2022
Woensdag 5 oktober

Toss (Tennis/padel)