Juni 2021
Zaterdag 19 juni


t/m 24-06-2021

Playing doubles with your favorite committee member or playing singles against your biggest rival? It is all possible from the 19th until the 24th of June during the club championship of MSTV Stennis! You can play singles in the category 3-9. For the doubles, you will be classified by adding up the rating of you and your partner. Also beside the courts there will be lots of fun. For example we will organise a special beer evening that you definitely don’t want to miss and a lot more. (Subscribe is possible until wednesday the 9th of June 23:59 hrs)

Woensdag 30 juni

Toss (Tennis/padel)

Juli 2021
Zaterdag 10 juli

Fellenoord Open

t/m 18-07-2021
Augustus 2021
Zaterdag 7 augustus

Chip & Charge Open

t/m 15-08-2021
Maandag 9 augustus

Qravel Open

t/m 15-08-2021
Maandag 23 augustus


t/m 27-08-2021
Zondag 29 augustus

Veracket Open

t/m 05-09-2021
September 2021
Woensdag 1 september

Inlooptoss 1 (Tennis/padel)

Donderdag 2 september

Kennismakingsborrel 1

Vrijdag 3 september


t/m 05-09-2021
Woensdag 8 september

Inlooptoss 2 (Tennis/padel)

Donderdag 9 september

Kennismakingsborrel 2

Woensdag 15 september


t/m 30-09-2021
Zaterdag 25 september

Stennis Open

t/m 03-10-2021
Maandag 27 september

Commissiepraatjes en BBQ

Donderdag 30 september

Themafeest 3

Oktober 2021
Dinsdag 5 oktober