Open Toss 5-02, 12-02 & Introduction Drink 6-02

It is almost time again for the Open Toss and Introduction Drinks of M.S.T.V. Stennis. This means that there is the opportunity to play tennis, have a beer, to socialize with Stennis members and have a fun time on and off the tennis field ;)

On the 5th and 12th of February, the Open Toss will take place on the tennis park @Ready (Severenstraat 215). It will start at 19:00h and everyone is welcome to play tennis (tennis rackets are available).

On the 6th of February the Introduction Drink will take place at 22:00h at student café the Boschpoort (Boschstraat 64).  Here we will show you the other side of Stennis. So come socialize with us and get to know Stennis under the delightment of a freshly poured beer!

See you there!

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