Get to know Stennis and participate in the Introduction Period!
During this introduction period, various fun activities and parties will be organized, giving you a good idea of what M.S.T.V. Stennis is, next to playing tennis and padel! In addition to the fun activities, it is of course also a fun way to get to know other people who will be more often on the tennis courts and in the pub!

What does it mean?
Every year Stennis organizes an introduction period in which potential members get to know both the association and the Stennis members well in a short period of time. Moreover, you immediately get a nice bond with the other first-year members. The introduction period is spread over 3 weeks. The IntroCie has a number of fun activities in store for you, including a theme party, cantus and BBQ!

Do you like fun, sports, an association in which everyone has a close bond with each other? Then participating in the Stennis intro period is highly recommended! Our introduction is about fun and getting to know each other, so it is not an increment. We'll place you in a group of around 10 people with two mentors (they will be your Stennismom and -dad), so you will always have somebody to tag along.

You can register for the intro period during the INKOM, during the introductory drinks and open toss, or by means of the registration form. Participation in the introduction period is entirely without obligation.

We hope to see you during our introduction period!

For more information about the introduction period, send a mail via this link: introcie@mstvstennis.nl