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Are you new with Stennis and would you like to subscribe for activities or training? Are you curious about how the logged in part of the site looks? Would you like to book a court (with lights)? Learn how to do so in this article!

Booking a court: ClubApp
You may use the ClubApp (picture 1) to book a tennis- or padelcourt. The account will be made trough MLTC Ready, which goes as follows:

  1. To reserve a court digitally, you must first log in to the Ready Maastricht website or the AllUnited ClubApp, this also applies to Stennis members! As a Stennis member you can create a login on the website of Ready Maastricht.
  2. At the top of the website you can choose 'Log In'. You can log in with your email address or with your KNLTB member number.
  3. By pressing the button "Forgot your password?" or "Wachtwoord vergeten?" a temporary password will be sent to your email address.
  4. If you then enter it on the Ready Maastricht website again, you will be given the opportunity to create a new password.
  5. Once you have done that, you are logged in and you can reserve a court on the reservationboard via the 'Online Reserveren' button. You can also watch this video: 
  6. You book for you and your tennis / padel buddy, you can search for them in the empty field, so they don't have to make a reservation for themselves.

You can also digitally reserve a court via the AllUnited ClubApp. By downloading the ClubApp from AllUnited you can log in with the account that you use on the MLTC Ready website. This way you can reserve courts as well.

  1. You make a reservation in the app ‘ClubApp’ (see picture 1). Making a reservation is possible untill 22h00.
    1. Within the app, you go the menu in the bottom right corner and choose 'tennisbaan reserveringen'.
    2. Click + and select the people you'd like to play with.
    3. If you click 'volgende', you see a schedule where you can choose a time and court. Now you only have to click 'bevestigen'.
  2. Bring your pass when you go to play tennis/padel. You'll need it to open the gate, the clubhouse hallway and also to turn on the lights.
    1. On the tennis court confirm your reservation. This can be done 10 minutes before the reservation until the reservation starts.
    2. In the hallway of the clubhouse, opposite the entrance door you will find the card reader. (see picture 2)
    3. Hold your KNLTB card in front of the reader (as you do for entry).
    4. Remove your card after the sound and light signal.
    5. On the screen you will see a few messages until a pop up screen comes up with the text "baan afhangen ".
    6. Don’t press anything else on the screen, not even when you get further options like "doorgaan", "terug", "naar startscherm" etc.
  3. You may play with a friend who isn't a member of MSTV Stennis or MLTC Ready (yet). When booking a court, select "Stennis introducé". With the monthly debt collection, €5,- per introducé will be deducted from your bank account.

clubapp_2.jpegPicture 1: ClubApp

baanverlichting_instructie_2.jpegPicture 2: Instruction turning on lights

How to log into this site
As of 01-01-2020 the site will be used more actively by our committees for promotion en registration for activities, to keep you updated on the last Stennis news, for all our beautiful pictures and so on.
Just like a real treasury, the webstite consists of a locked part that is only available for members. To make sure you get everything out of your Stennis membership, make an account via the following steps beneath!

  1. On the top of the page you click on the circle saying: “LOG IN”.
  2. Click on “opvragen”. Enter your e-mailadress in here (this is the email that is familiar within Stennis)
  3. By clicking on the button “Verstuur nieuw wachtwoord”, a temporary password will be sent to this e-mailadress.
  4. Go to your mail account and search for the e-mail.
  5. Once again log in on the website with your e-mailadress and your temporary password. Now you get the opportunity to create a new password. This password must consist of at least six signs, of which at least two are numbers. Click on “Bewaren” to save you new password.

You can also watch our english spoken instruction video on facebook to help you log in!
Make sure you make an account quickly, so you don’t miss out on lots of things in the new year.

Subscribe for activities
Once you're loged in, you can visit: extra newsmessages, subscription forms for activities and training (english > activities_signup), the webshop and photoalbum (over de club), newsmail in pdf (homepage).
The subscription forms will be posted at the activities sign up page within the english menu, or at the committee pages in Dutch. Links to the forms with Dutch information will be found at the homepage in the agenda and 'actuele inschrijvingen' and with information in English in the news messages within the English menu.
We know this is a lot of info, but just go on an adventure and discover for yourself!

For questions, feel free to send a mail at 

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