---------Information activities--------

Internal Activities

Next to the tennis activities, M.S.T.V. Stennis also organizes lots of other non-tennis related activities. Throughout the year we organize, for example, a boy-girl unmixed activity and a beer cantus. In addition, we also have 2 internal activities and an active member activity. And that's not all, weekends full of activities are also organized, which you as a Stennis member can join, such as activity weekend, members weekend and lustrum weekend.

 Internal Party’s

Throughout the whole year, we have drinks on Thursday evening in our own bar, café De BoschPoort. In addition, the Party Committee organizes several theme parties, a classy Christmas diner and a new-years drink. Besides that, we organize some big parties outside our bar. The Party Committee will, for example, organize the amazing ‘Stensation’, and during the annual INKOM, we also throw a big party.

 External Activities 

Stennis has three sister associations which we visit on a regular basis, just like they visit us in Maastricht so now and then. They are Fellenoord from Eindhoven, Chip & Charge from Amsterdam and Veracket from Groningen. We do travel a lot within the Netherlands to not miss out on any external fun! We as Stennis members attend many Open Tournaments, open parties, constitution drinks and many other activities of our sister associations and other tennis associations. 

 Almost every student tennis association organizes their own open tournament during the year, which means we visit lots of cities and play many tennis games. However, such an open tournament has much more to offer than just tennis; parties, cantusses and activities should not be forgotten! For example, Groningen and Amsterdam organize a Winter Open Tournament (WOT), Nijmegen has the Slow External Tournament (SET), Tilburg has the Lacoste Open Tournament (LUST) and every year the Dutch Student Championships take place (NSK – Nederlandse Studenten Kampioenschappen). Stennis loves to be everywhere! The Committee for External Relations would love to bring you all the way through the Netherlands. Come and join us!