--Tennis and Padel information--

The park

M.S.T.V Stennis shares 9 smash-court courts with the local tennis association M.L.T.C. Ready, which are located at tennis park ‘De Geusselt’. Moreover, the park is composed of 2 padel courts, 2 practice walls, a lovely canteen and large changing rooms. The tennis courts are available the whole year-round.


Padel is a combination of tennis, squash and beachball, origination from Mexico. You play 2 against 2 at a court surrounded by glass walls and a fence. The game goes as follows; the ball may touch the ground only once, before it has to be returned to the other site, over the net. In between letting the ball bounce on the ground and returning it to your opponent, the ball may also hit the wall. Furthermore the usual 'tennis rules' apply. In padel, rackets made of fibreglass or carbon are used.


Throughout the year we offer 4 training periods of 7 weeks each. The training will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays at tennis park 'de Geusselt' and will be given by our regular trainer. The training starts from 17:00 onwards. Occasionally we also offer padel training.


 Almost every Wednesday night we have a toss-evening for all our members from 19:00 onwards. On these nights we mostly play doubles, which means that we pair you up in random couples. Usually, we swap after 30 minutes, this will give you the opportunity to play with and against different members. On these Wednesdays, you can also play padel, or try it if you haven't already.

On some Wednesday nights also a toss-drink will be organized, instead of a regular toss. You can still play tennis and padel like on a regular toss evening, but in addition, there will be beer pong tables and snacks. Our reason for doing this is that so you can socialize even more with each other and have the opportunity to have a nice drink together!


This tournament is only for the members of M.S.T.V Stennis. Here we will discover who is the best player in the association. During this week not only tennis matches will be played, but also a lot of activities will be organized.

Stennis Open
France has Roland Garros, England has Wimbledon, Australia has the Australian Open and the USA has the US Open, but we have thé Stennis open! This is one of the biggest tennis tournaments in Maastricht, with a lot of fun activities. Every year the tournament has a different theme.

Extern tournaments
Every year we visit, with a big group of M.S.T.V Stennis members, different summer tournaments of our sister associations: Fellenoord (Eindhoven), Veracket (Groningen) and Chip & Charge (Amsterdam). These tournaments are some of the nicest things you can experience as a member. Besides the tennis matches you can play at every tournament, lots of fun activities will be organized and you will get to know many new people.


Spring competition
Every spring M.S.T.V. Stennis participates with a large number of teams in one of the largest competitions in the world, organized by the KNLTB. Members can register for both Saturday and Sunday, and the competition will last for 7 weeks. For more information about this competition and the exact dates, visit the KNLTB website.

Fall competition
Every autumn, M.S.T.V. Stennis also participates in the fall competition. Of course, there is a battle in every pool for the championship, but this competition is above all very enjoyable. In the fall we register teams on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. More information about this competition and the exact dates can be found on the website of the KNLTB.

Padel competition
Every spring and autumn MSTV Stennis participates in the Padel competition. More information about this competition and the exact dates can be found on the website of the KNLTB.

Once a year we organize an internal winter competition. This competition lasts 3 Wednesday evenings, after which a winner will be appointed in each pool. In between matches, everyone is enjoying a drink in our clubhouse at tennis park 'De Geusselt'. The IWC also offers a match of padel.

Ladder competition
The ladder competition is a continuous internal competition. It consists of 3 poules, based on your level. You challenge a player who's higher on the ladder for a match, which you schedule yourselves. By winning the match, you rise on the ladder. The end-goal is to be at the top of your ladder.